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No more figuring it out alone, no more feeling stuck, no more loosing the battle of success to procrastination. Get practical life tips and accountability.


Why Invest In Mentoring with
Dr. Dwight Shawrod Riddick?

  • Get ACCOUNTABILITY. Information is everywhere but this is personal
  • Join a like-minded NETWORK of High Achievers.
  • Gain access to cutting-edge RESOURCES & Tools.
  • Finally, be motivated to START & SCALE, and SUCCEED.
  • You don’t know WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.
  • Stop doing life alone, we are BETTER TOGETHER.
  • Why keep reinventing the wheel? Get LIFE HACKS.
  • Grow from other GLOBAL VOICES that he is connected to.
  • STOP COMPROMISING who you are. Excel in Life, Ministry, & Marketplace

What’s Included?

Starter Mentoring


Monthly  Video Book Summary

Don’t have time to read a book? No problem, I will read it for you and send you the video/audio book summary of all major points. I will choose some great books, but also accept recommendations of book you want summaries of. Get your time back. 

Exclusive Facebook Group & Community

You have heard me say it a thousand times, “we are better together.” Accountability is so important, but it’s not always what you learn, it’s who you learn it from. Get this exclusive community of like minded high achievers. Get mentoring from me, CMI Coaches and a network of professionals. 

Discount On Merchandise, Events & Coaching

Show what you say! We have merchandise to help spread the message of Christ, mentorship, and positive living. We also have vendors that provide us with great merch so that you can be reminded of the potential you possess while encouraging others. Get discounts and some free merch as a PROTODAY. 

Allstar Mentoring
(Most Popular)


Includes All Features from Starter Plus This Personal Touch

Invite to Exclusive
Networking Events

We have coaches in multiple states, and they all host soiree’s, coaching huddles, coaching and coffee, plus many other sessions. Sometimes its an informational masterclass, other times it’s a fun networking event. Either way who you know matters. Birds of a feather FLY CMI together. Get connected and grow. We are also connected with the a national networking organization. 

Exclusive Live Monthly Mentor & Coaching Q&A

Every month you can login virtually or attend an onsite Exclusive Mentoring or Coaching session. This is where accountability is at it’s best, and transformation for your life hits its peak. It takes 30 days to build a habit, and every 30 days we provide you training and practical tips on how to become better at life. 

Interactive Facebook Mentoring/Coaching Group

This is not just for you to sit back, relax, listen, and watch. This success process is an interactive journey to your best self. The conversation begins in our FaceBook Group. You will have engage in Q&A, sharing your ideas, posting your goals, and GETTING FEEDBACK from myself, coaches, and other PROTODAY’S to enhance your journey to success. 

High Impact Mentoring & Coaching

Includes All Features from Starter Plus This Personal Touch

One on One Custom
Coaching Sessions

This level of coaching is one-on-on and absolutely a bespoke (fully customized) coaching experience. The groups are shaped to help you thrive, this one-on-one gives you direction and creativity that you would never imagine. Create your path forward with me or a trained CMI Leadership Coach. 

Entrepreneurs Playbook eBook & Course Summary

We have resources galore that will provide you tips and insights on how to find your niche, plan your path, and execute towards finishing your goals. Get the Entrepreneurs playbook and course as a starter, but knot there are many more to come. This playbook outlines how to start, scale, and sustain any business or organization. 

Access to Coaching Mastermind Replays

So let’s just say you accidentally miss a live session. We don’t recommend, but it’s not the end of the world. We will have replays of all webinars, masterclasses, mentoring sessions, and coaching huddles available for you on replay. Never miss a moment or review them on your own time. 

1 Free Online Coaching Course Per Month

In addition to the monthly mentoring session, there is a monthly coaching huddle. The difference is that mentoring may be more about life in general and more informative. The coaching huddle provides training on how to execute and asks you the best questions to pull from you solutions to help you succeed. We are not either/or we are and/both. So get the mentoring and coaching. 

Bespoke Business Conversations

We have a vast network of professionals who are experiencing success at the highest level. We will connect you with those who best for your life trajectory and schedule personal conversations so that you will have backroom insights into how to make the best of our life, business, ministry, or relationship. 

Invites To Premium Entrepreneurs Events

CMI has over 150 coaches and we party! Some parties are formal, others laid back. They all have this one thing in common; we grow together, learn together, succeed together, and celebrate each other together. We want you to be connected to our entrepreneurs events and experience the feeling of being recognized for success, while realizing your worth. 

We Are Here to Help


I exist to help maximize the potential of others and organizations while helping them on their mission to see Jesus in more intimate ways. My goal is to walk alongside you and add value to your life without you having to figure it all out alone, struggle in your pursuit of a successful business, or feel inadequate while maturing in your faith. I believe there’s a leader in everyone, and that God provides the option of and-both not always either/or.  Join me in this unique mentoring coach relationship that when taken seriously has the potential to accelerate you toward God’s promises for you.

Dr. Dwight Shawrod Riddick, II

Leadership Coach and Mentor, CMI Leadership Coaching LLC