The VISION of CMI-LC is to provide next level leadership training that maximizes the potential of others, equips coaches, and transforms ideas into reality while delivering exposure through expanded global networking.



The Mission is to create relationships through coaching that provides individuals tools, skills, and training that will empower them to share with others to maximize the potential of emerging global leaders.


Hiring a COACH can expedite your success. We can all agree that information is not necessarily transformation. This is why you can read books, take courses, watch videos and still have no changed behavior. However, a HIRED COACH will provide:

  • Accountability to keep you disciplined when you aren’t motivated.
  • Evaluation of your progress to keep you on a successful tract.
  • Resources & Tools that you won’t have to spend time researching to find.
  • Extended Network. You know people, but so do our coaches and our network becomes your network of like minded entrepreneurs. 
  • Attention to Priority. You pay attention to what you pay for, and a paid coach will turn your attention towards prioritizing your success. 


The CMI Leadership Coaching certification program will be led by JOHN MAXWELL CERTIFIED COACH, TEACHER, & SPEAKER Dwight S Riddick, II and the CMI-Leadership Coaching (CMI-LC) Team. You will be trained to coach, teach and speak to any individual, to any company, and to any organization, anywhere in the world, utilizing curriculum, products and books, from CMI-LC, John Maxwell, Joseph Sangl, Gary. Chapman, Dr. Clarence Walker & H. Norman Wright, and more leaders that are outlined in this program. The Certification Specializes in

  • Revenue Increasing Coaching Business. We have all the online tools to not only train you in coaching but launch a profitable automated and onsite coaching business. 
  • Get The Tools.  Don’t recreate the wheel. We have all of the scripts, tools, posting templates, and proven business systems to train and launch your coaching business. 
  • Remove the Surprises. We have been doing this for over 20 years and proven scripts, quality training, cutting edge tech (including metaverse training), and interactive custom masterclasses to help you scale. 
  • Extended Network. Let our people become your people, and allow us to partner you with companies and businesses that are waiting for your coaching niche. You do not have to figure this out or sale your services alone.  
  • Affordable. YThis will be the best investment into yourself that helps others that you will ever make. We have priced our certification well below the market, allowing you to receive extremely HIGH VALUE and a much LOWER COST.  

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