Here are a few videos taken directly from our Courses. Use these as an example of the training you will receive when you join the CMI Family.

BeBoth 90-Minute Webinar

An introduction to turning your Passion into Profit. Learn 4 Key Secrets to beginning a journey of success and everyday fulfillment.

BeBoth Brand-up Video

Stand out and build your brand. Get time tested strategies on how build your product, service, or organization into an OUTSTANDING Brand in your niche.

Essentialism Book Summary

We read it you learn it. Experience a sample of a book summary.  We know you want the info but need to spend your time business building. So we provide video book summaries to save you time while providing valuable lessons.

4 C’s to Cash-In

Yes, you want to help people, but earning real cash for your efforts is more than acceptable. Get 4 insights that are essential in turning customers into cash. (This is from the BeBoth Course)